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Urea & Green Ammonia
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Located in Durango in Northern Mexico, Tarafert is a state-of-the-art facility for the production of low-carbon Blue Ammonia and Urea.

Capable of producing approximately 1 million metric tonnes per year of Urea.

Fully permitted and ready for construction on 150Ha of land acquired by Tarafert. Carbon capture & utilization by a 3rd-party.

Strong market demand both locally and internationally from industrial clients wanting to secure access to low-carbon, Blue Ammonia.

Off-take for 100% of Urea production is in place.

Scheduled for commercial operations starting in 2026.

Mexican Green Ammonia
Solar Energy

Located next to Tarafert-1, Tarafert-2 is a production facility for zero-carbon Green Hydrogen that is manufactured using solar energy and electrolysis. 

Green Hydrogen from Tarafert-2 feeds into Tarafert-1 enabling the production of up to 500,000 metric tonnes per year of Green Ammonia.

Site with 1GW of solar to be constructed on 1,200Ha of land adjacent to Tarafert-1.

Durango is one of the top-ranked locations globally for solar energy production with more than 1,750 full load sun-hours per year.

Scheduled for commercial operations starting in 2026.

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